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Our basic belief is that the whole is bigger than the sum of it's parts. This network is founded to promote cooperation, creativeness and enable novel opportunities. One cornerstone of this network is to make possible new projects and collaborations that perhaps otherwise never would have occurred.

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Sundry Posted on 08 Jan, 2014 16:43

As the new year picks up speed it’s time to say goodbye to Christmas. But still as an old Swedish Christmas carol goes: “Christmas goes on until the fast”.

Have a happy one!

Sundry Posted on 30 Dec, 2012 13:54

It’s that time of year, the end of it, and time to say Happy New Year. We wish you all had a good one and a better one in store for you. And remember, we are now half-way through the darkness – unless you don’t live down under. In that case you are in the midst of summer and are now awaiting darker times and sending us the light. Thank you very much.

Late News

Sundry Posted on 17 Sep, 2012 10:50

For some obscure reason the Blog has been somewhat latent lately. Not
due to the strivings of it’s members. No Sir! It is more a like lack of
time and other obviously bad reasons from the administration. Member
Walt’s latest newsletter is the first up on the updating that now
hopefully will commence with a higher frequency! Better late than never,
and for us who missed the release-party. Next one! Walt is the wiz of
pumping out weird music and he addresses all his out-of-town friends.
His new album just came out, and so he’s forwarding his local music
newsletter to you for your perusal. He hopes all is well and that you
remain un-Tea Bagged in this poisonous political climate. Endure!

Happy New Year

Sundry Posted on 04 Jan, 2010 11:24

State of NovelArt wishes you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2010. NovelArt is now entering it’s second year under new manegement. We are proud to be able to say that we have grown since we restarted and that all our members have been both creative and energetic during the year that passed. risen like the Bird Phoenix out of the ashes of a previous artist network that went dead – but you can’t stop a good idea – at least not for long. NovelArt comes out of the original thought and ambition to present and put together a new and different network of arts and artists. Our goal is to establish new cooperations, build new bridges and open up for more networking.

Walt says hello

Sundry Posted on 15 Dec, 2009 10:06

A mail arrived this morning from Texas, and our NovelArt member Walter Ehresman. He writes as follows:

Happy holidays to all you folks who dive into NovelArt!

Here in Austin,
Texas, we just had our annual Santa Rampage. There were several hundred Santas,
and we rampaged like champions. Of course, now hydration is an expedient. Aside from working on new tracks for my next solo album (check out the “Bad
Faith” remix, here:,
the band I’m playing with these days, Delphi Rising, is about to issue it’s
first album, entitled “For Granted.” You can listen to a preview here: The album features songwriting by each of the four members (even the drummer),
and covers a wide range of styles: punk-influenced hit-and-runs to hard rock
guitar workouts. From British-sounding pop circa 1966 to a Steely Dan-ish piano
and horn ballad about love in a post-apocalyptic globally-warmed world. From
blues to a western epic that sounds somewhere between Dylan’s “Isis” and the
Dead’s “Me And My Uncle.” Democratic to a fault…..


We send Walt and Austin seasoning greetings and wish him all the best on his musical (ad)ventures!

Network probs

Sundry Posted on 08 Mar, 2009 13:20

As we have told about earlier there has been a considerable struggle and strife with the Internet connection at the NovelArt IT-department. A faulty router created havoc with the connection and after being replaced the problems still remained. It became evident that the problem wasn’t that easy solved. Oh no… The replacement router was also a bit less functional… To solve the problem an old Netgear-router was dug up at the IT-department. Connected it showed good work. A newly acquired modem was also part of the problem, as well as a non-working splitter (that separates telecommunications from the datacommunications). To solve the problem the old modem was reconnected and it still proved to be working properly, only not as fast as a new one. Sigh. Don’t try this at home. Remember to be thankful every day your Internet connection is working!


Sundry Posted on 26 Jan, 2009 10:25

Ten days ago the news about the rise of “new” artist network was revealed. The official release is still to come, but now the existence and restart of the artist network is more or less out in the open.

We are still working on the site and members section is filling up as more and more members are cleared and reinstated. The continuation of the network is secured and all we need now is to have the official launch – as soon as everything is in place.

Happy New Year!

Sundry Posted on 31 Dec, 2008 17:29

NovelArt wishes you (y’all) a Happy New Year! Members as well as visitors. We hope that 2009 will treat you nice and be the best year ever.

In the beginning of 2009 the NovelArt Network will be officially launched and marketed. Until then, bring out the bubbly!

After Christmas comes New Years Eve, and after New Year we’ll all have a year to make the best of. Best wishes for the new year!

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