Member Walter Ehresman sent out his latest News-letter and here it is for your reading pleasure.

Good Afternoon, Everybody:

Walter here, with a new song for you as well as news about the monthly “2nd Friday” residency at New World Deli.

–Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: James and I want to apologize sincerely to those of you who showed up at New World Deli on the 9th, only to see someone else on the stage. Here’s what happened……After I had loaded all my stuff onto the stage that night and started to set up, an employee approached with a telephone and the said the owner wanted to talk to me. Seems the place had double-booked that night, and James and I were unceremoniously bumped. They weren’t particularly nice or apologetic about it, either. As you know, we’ve been playing the 2nd Friday of every month there since last July, but we won’t be playing there anymore. I have a feeler out for a new place to have a monthly Friday night gig, and I’ll let y’all know as soon as I know anything more. I know your time is valuable, and Friday nights especially so after a tough work week, so we’re sure sorry that happened and hope that you found something else good to do that night. As I said in the e-mail I sent out as soon as I got home from New World Deli that night, I’d like to offer a free CD to anyone who went down there that night. Please just take one off the table at the next gig we have.

–and for much better news: I have a new song recorded for y’all to check out! I just mixed it down in the studio earlier today, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. It’s called “Blue Eyed Devils,” and will be title track to the new album. It’s about how American foreign policy is used to further giant corporate interests, and the cultural damage that steamroller causes in other countries. Musically, it’s akin to the heavier Fripp/Eno/Bowie period, and has a couple of segments featuring Austin’s own Nigel Jacobs throat-singing. You can listen to the song here:

Since the song hasn’t been digitally mastered yet, you’ll have to crank your speakers up to hear it (plus, it’s just that kind of song……). Hope you enjoy it! It’s one of the most complex recording challenges I’ve ever taken on.

–As many of you know, the biggest news for me these days is that I’m moving to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico at the end of this year. So these 2014 gigs will be my last shows in the U.S.. It’s been a gas living and playing in Austin for the last 34 years, but it’s time to shake things up, and so all these last Austin gigs will also serve as fundraisers to help me get myself moved down South. My goal is to sell out my inventory of solo CDs, as well as all the Snipe Hunt and Delphi Rising discs that I have. A high target…..but do-able, I think. The discs will be on the merch table at the shows, marked with a price, but if you want a disc or two (or three or……) just put in the bowl whatever amount feels right to you. I won’t peek from the stage, I promise. This is the most direct way to help the cause, because it cuts out the middleman when buying the music online or at Antone’s Records. Every little bit helps.

You can also get digital downloads at all the usual websites, but my best cut of download and album sales comes if you use CD Baby: Yeah, they make you register first, which is a drag, but it’s no more onerous than Amazon and they have a vast array of great artists on there who are doing independent, interesting work far from the homogenizing influence of the record companies. I think you’ll find lots of artists there that you like.

–Videos: I’m now up to 102 videos that I’ve made and put on YouTube to go with my past solo material as well as with songs I wrote while in Snipe Hunt and later in Delphi Rising. That’s all I’ll be doing for the time being…….time to focus more on recording again.

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel:

NOTE: I saved these videos at a high resolution (HD) so, for best viewing,
I recommend clicking on the little gear icon at the bottom right of
the video screen for the particular video you’re watching, and select
the highest quality setting. Just takes a second, and will improve the visuals.
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